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10 Satisfying Summer Recipes

Posted by: Mira Roberts

With each new season, we enjoy the subtle shift our palates and appetites take as we adjust to the changes in temperature, in ripe, local produce and in our cravings. Summer brings with it longer, hotter days that seem to draw us away from too much time at the hot stove, and into the joys of firing up the grill, relaxing with cold, prepared salads and savoring in juicy produce picked right from the garden.

This time of year, we find inspiration in creating colorful, bright dishes that we can share with friends and family at barbeques, pool parties or picnics. We find ultimate satisfaction at the end of a long day with simple, chilled dishes that can be prepared quickly and on the go. From fresh, chopped salads to grilled corn salsas, kabobs, smoothies and everything in between, we celebrate summer by mixing it up and keeping it light.

We've gathered some of our all time favorite summer recipes that keep us feeling satisfied and refreshed, all season long. If you've been wondering how to jazz up your tired dip recipe, or just looking for every day recipes to please yourself and your loved ones, you've come to the right place. We're certain that these recipes will keep you fulfilled straight on through to September, and you'll have more fun spending time in your kitchen than any summer before.

  1.  Contest Winning Grilled Corn Salsa. Grill up your favorite, ripe summer veggies and combine with this amazing vinaigrette to create a delicious, chilled salsa that will dazzle as a side dish or appetizer.
  2. Crab, Corn and Tomato Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing. This seriously satisfying salad incorporates heaps of delicious, fresh veggies into a rich and flavorful salad topped with crab. This dish is perfect served as a main course at lunch or dinner.
  3. Very Cherry Smoothie. This simple smoothie recipe is a decadent treat after a hot day, and will fill you up without weighing you down.
  4. Perfect Chicken Kabobs. Give your kitchen a summer vacation, and fire up the grill with this incredible kabob recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
  5. Chopped Salad. Light, fresh and packed with flavors, this simple chopped salad is an excellent meal choice for your next lunch or brunch.
  6. Fish Tacos. This lighter, grilled version of fish tacos will win over your taste buds and your waistline.
  7. Tomato and Basil Finger Sandwiches. This delicate dish packs a satisfying punch, and is a perfect appetizer or light lunch.
  8. Tropical Cucumber Salad. Sweet and savory merge in this refreshing recipe that will have you making good use of those garden ripe cukes.
  9. Peach Cobbler. This decadent recipe is a seasonal favorite with fresh, ripened peaches and creamy, cold ice cream to top it off.
  10. Grilled Scallops with Lemony Salsa Verde. Be won over by this simple grilled scallops dish with unbelievably complex flavors. A perfect dish for a special dinner at home with family.

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