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Fitness Favorites: 5 Healthy Ways to Stay Active

Staying active and maintaining strength and flexibility as we age is an important part of maintaining health and feeling good. Just as it's crucial to manage stress and eat a healthy, balanced diet, regular exerice provides lifelong benefits that include increased energy, boosts in mood, reduction in pain and improved cardiovascular and respiratory functioning.

Incorporating fitness and movement routines into your schedule can be as simple as committing to daily walks around the neighborhood, or signing up for a gentle yoga class at your nearby recreation center. Whether you've been actively exercising for years, or are just getting started, you're sure to find your preferred fitness style in our list of all time fitness favorites. From low impact, cardiovascular training to pilates strength training, we've included our 5 preferred ways to stay fit.

*Before you begin an exercise routine of any kind, please consult your doctor.


  1. Walk. Head out on foot for a quiet stroll around the neighborhood, or hike the beautiful trails at nearby First Landing State Park. Gather a group of friends for a speedy walk along the boardwalk at the Oceanfront, or enjoy the steady pace of an indoor treadmill. Any and all of it goes.
  2. Yoga. Visit your nearby recreation center for basic yoga classes, or visit a nearby yoga studio for specialized classes. Practicing yoga will increase your flexibility and help you to develop valuable mindfulness techniques for use in your every day life.
  3. Pilates. Look for mat classes available at your nearby recreation center or YMCA, or visit a qualified studio for personal training that will safely increase your strength, posture and mobility.
  4. Swimming and Water Aerobics. The nearby YMCA has a robust water aerobics program and indoor pool for swimming. Enjoy an effective workout without the intense impact, and try one of their water aerobics classes.
  5. Bike. Like with walking, biking around the neighborhood, on the trails or at the beach is a low impact, relaxing way to exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature and your community.

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