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Senior Wellness: Spring Health Tips

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Now that winter is over and spring is in full bloom in Virginia Beach, you may find yourself ready to head back outdoors and embrace a faster pace and a bright, new season. Spring inspires us to get outside, move our bodies and enjoy a lighter diet filled with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Spring is a perfect season to bring your focus back to your overall wellness and recommit to a healthy lifestyle that has you feeling your best. Before you make major changes to your lifestyle, it's important to take into account your specific health needs, while being mindful of things outside of your control, like seasonal allergies and hotter, humid weather.

You'll want to consult your doctor before making any adjustments to your current diet or exercise routine, and make sure that you have your physician's approval. Once you do, step into spring with a greater focus on your wellbeing and your best health yet, and try these simple spring health tips for seniors. 

Spring Check Up
After a long winter spent indoors, spring is the perfect time to head to your doctor for an annual check up. You'll want your doctor to check your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and any other health issues that are specific to your body. While you're there, ask your doctor for his or her approval on any fitness goals or diet changes you may be ready to make. Once you have the all-clear and a good bill of health, you can move forward into this sunny season without stress or worries.

Walk It Out
Now that the weather is warm, the days are longer and the trees are in full bloom, lace up your shoes and head out for daily walks to get much-needed Vitamin D and fresh air in your lungs. Walking is one of the best physical activities for your body and for your mind, helping you to gain focus, clarity and better overall health as you step!

Adjust Your Diet
As the temperatures change, so do our diets, and spring and summer call for lighter fare with a heavier focus on veggies and fruits. Begin making sure to include fresh, seasonal veggies in at least one meal a day, and try to cut back on sugar and refined carbs. Your lighter diet will help to better fuel you for this sunnier season spent outdoors!

Spend Time In Nature
Now that so many trees, plants and flowers are in full bloom, take advantage of your neighborhood and city's many natural landscapes, and get out to explore nature. Head out for walks through the neighborhood, or visit nearby Great Neck Park, First Landing Park or even Mt. Trashmore. You'll spot birds and bunnies, giant, shady trees and plant life and flower varieties springing up all around you!

Mind Your Allergies
If you know that you suffer from allergies, check with your doctor to make sure you have them properly under control, so that you can remain comfortable outdoors throughout the season. Take preventative steps to keep symptoms at bay, like avoiding the early morning hours outdoors, taking baths and showers immediately after spending time outside and drinking warm peppermint tea to help reduce inflammation.

Drink More Water
As the temperatures climb, so will your need for proper hydration. Start drinking water throughout the day and at each meal to help you stay hydrated. If you know you'll be spending more time outdoors, bring a water bottle, and come home to refill it as needed. Ask your doctor how many glasses of water are recommended for your specific body, and make a point to get your glasses in every day. On especially hot days, avoid too much time spent indoors and push fluids to keep your body temperature regulated.

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