5 Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors This Summer

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As the end of July draws nearer, the heat of summer is on full blast. These longer days in this brightest season are beautiful, but they can become stifling as the temperatures continue rising. By now, you might be starting to wonder how to enjoy your time outdoors without becoming overheated or burned by the extreme sun.

Don’t let the hot temperatures and humidity send you running straight for the comfort of the indoors. Living in coastal Virginia Beach comes with perks galore, including a bevy of refreshing, fun and cool ways to spend time outdoors in even the highest heat of the summer.

We’ve chosen a few of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors all summer long that will suit both you and your entire family. Stay active by exploring nearby, shaded nature trails, or kick back on a breezy, sunset sailboat tour. Search for dolphins by kayak, or aboard a boat manned by the team from the Virginia Aquarium. Whether you prefer quiet, adventure or a little bit of both, our list of 5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer are sure to satisfy. Enjoy!


  1. Dolphin Tour. Head out on the ocean in Virginia Beach for a truly remarkable outdoor experience with the Virginia Aquarium’s 90 minute Dolphin Tour. Catch site of bald eagles, brown pelicans and local, sea turtles and learn about their local habitat. Informative, fun and perfect for any member of your family.
  2. Kayak Eco Tour. Catch a glimpse of natural wildlife, including a closer view of local, bottlenose dolphins during one of Chesapean Outdoor’s kayak tours. Enjoy an active workout while out on the calm and quiet waters in Virginia Beach.
  3. Sailboat Tour. Sail the glistening waters of the Elizabeth River from the port at Waterside in downtown Norfolk aboard the American Rover. These tours are locals’ favorites, and are especially beautiful at sunset.
  4. Explore the trails. Set out on foot on the shaded, wooded trails at nearby First Landing State Park. Explore miles and miles of beautiful, rustic trails and nature paths and experience a tucked away, local treasure.
  5. Bike in Back Bay. Enjoy a breezy bike ride with friends and loved ones on the trails and along the beaches of the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. Exploring by bike will keep the bugs at bay and the wind in your hair on those steamier summer days.