Easy Fall Craft Ideas

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Clubhouse with fireplace, lounge seating, and a piano.When Autumn arrives in Virginia Beach, it brings with it ripe apples and gourds, colorful, changing foliage, the smell of pine in the air and a slew of holidays and seasonal activities. If you took summer off from your craft habit to soak up sunshine and enjoy the beach, fall offers you the perfect time to get back to your creative and crafty side.

Begin working now on festive decorations and homemade gifts for friends or family. Fall crafts often incorporate items found in nature (and a few you may need to shop for in the store), and are a wonderful way to connect to the season as it begins. Explore your community for fallen pine cones, gather ripe apples and gourds from your nearby farm market and get creative with painting and silly halloween designs.

Here are some of our favorite, easy craft ideas for fall. These crafts can be modified based on skill level and to suit your specific needs. You should be able to create most of these on even the tightest budget, and we think you’ll enjoy spending crisp afternoons with friends creating together all season long.

Painting Glass
If you’re comfortable and able, painting glasses, vases and bowls can make for beautiful gifts or lovely housewares in your own home, and can be achieved without too much expertise. Use simple designs like fall leaves, cattails or pumpkins to stay seasonal.

Halloween Crafts
Decorate your home for Halloween this year with crafts made by you, and enjoy exercising your creativity during this fun and festive holiday. From Halloween decor to goodies to give your kids and grandkids, you’ll love creating spooky and silly crafts for your entire family and your friends. Here are some of our favorite halloween crafts to get you started.

Pine Cone Crafts
On your next stroll through the neighborhood, begin collecting fallen pine cones to help you create lovely fall crafts like pine cone hangers and napkins. You can hang pine cone hangers in your window or on your door, give them as gifts or offer them to neighbors. Pine cone napkins make for lovely dining decor during cool, crisp, autumn evenings, and take very little time and resources to make. 

Apple Crafts
From apple votives and stamps to Halloween masks and picture frames, we simply adore celebrating our favorite fall fruit, the apple. Apple stamps can be used for a variety of purposes, and apple votives are beautiful, calming and make for excellent decor at a fall gathering or family celebration. 

Gourd Crafts
Perfect as gifts, decorations or Halloween treats, gourd crafts are as fun to create as they are simple. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice, you will enjoy creating hilarious, spooky or even beautiful decorations with fall gourds. To get started, you’ll want to stop by your nearby farm stand or grocery store to gather up a variety of gourds, and then you will be on your way.